At Ontario International Airport, there are various types of parking lots with different price ranges. There are no covered parking lots, and all of the parking lots are surface ones.

From the Westside to east, from Airport Drive, there are available several parking lots. For instance, Terminal 1 on Moose Way, houses a cell phone lot. International Arrivals Terminal has Parking Lot D; Terminal 2 - Parking Lot 2, Terminal 3 between T2 and T4 has Parking Lot 3; Terminal 4 has Parking Lot 4, and Terminal Way on the east side there is a Parking Lot 5 next to the rental car facility. In Lot 5, airport shuttle service is provided.

Other options include daily Parking Lots 2, 4, and 5, which are recommended for those customers who have overnight trips or extended stays. This Parking lot occupies 6,000 spaces located close to the terminals.

ONT Valet Parking

Terminal 4 has a Valet Parking Lot with the daily rate of $28, each additional day - $28. Regular Lot 2 and Lot 4 Premium Parking costs 8$ for the first hour, along with 2$ for an extra hour, and daily max 27$. Valet Parking lot is situated next to the terminal curbside area.

ONT Premium Parking

Premium Parking Lot 2 and Lot 4 are available for $3 each hour, 3-4 hours’ costs $21; 4-24 hours’ is $24, and each additional day is a total of $24.

ONT Value Parking

Value Parking Lot 5 is located on Terminal Way East, close to Terminal 4. Parking Lot 5 covers 2,150 spaces. Passengers can walk to Terminal4 or take the free airport shuttle, which runs every 20 minutes. Daily cost at Value Parking Lot 5 is 13$.

Electric Vehicle Charging at ONT

Besides, Ontario International Airport provides electric car charging stations along with van and ADA access. Charging Stations are available in Parking Lots 2 and 4. Passengers should be aware that charging an electric car is free, not the parking. Also, be mindful that over-sized vehicles are banned (e.g., trucks, trailers, campers, etc.). Payments are accepted by cash, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, & bank debit cards. For more information regarding parking, passengers can call at 909-937-1240.

ONT Motorcycle Parking

At Ontario International Airport, passengers can park their motorcycles in Parking Lots 2 and 4. The service is free of charge, and no reservation or parking ticket is required.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot at Ontario International Airport

Cell Phone Waiting Lot is provided for people who are picking up a passenger from ONT airport. Parking at Cell Phone Waiting Lot is free of charge, be customers using this lot for waiting purposes must remain in their car or another type of vehicle. The entrance at the Rental Car.

Once the passenger is ready for pick up, he/she will call at Cell Phone. After that, customers can move their vehicles to terminal loading and unloading zones to pick up a party. The precise address of the Cell Phone Waiting Lot is 3350 John Bangs Drive, Ontario, CA 91761.



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